Working Lunch


2013-01-29 14.44.21I met up with my old boss today at a deli in the city centre for a catch up.  Was good to be out doing normal ‘grown up’ things, and good to be back in the city as it’s the first time I’ve been back since I left the last place.  We had lots to catch up on!  Plans are being made that I can’t talk about yet but it’s all good, it’s just dependant on timing.  Lunch was the most amazing roast pork and stuffing roll barm (look, I’m speaking Northern!).

This evening I headed to the Trafford Centre for a catch up with my best friend, at our usual Starbucks haunt.  I stayed away from the cake which rather bucked my usual trend, but that’s because we both opted for a pint* of peppermint hot chocolate complete with whipped cream.  A dessert in itself!  My friend is having man trouble (she has one, he’s just being troublesome) and eating whipped cream with a spoon seemed like the perfect antidote.

*slight exaggeration**
**only just


  1. Hope plans come through for you. You deserve something to go right jobwise! x

    ps… peppermint hot choc sounds yummy… we haven’t got a Starbucks anywhere near us, have one for me sometime, x

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