Dear Me

Well, it’s been a bit of a non-existent weekend so far, hasn’t it?  Lazing about in bed all day yesterday saying you had a headache was not the best use of your time, now, was it?  But then you know today is going to be a challenge – the mother-in-law’s birthday party, we all know how much you hate those family gatherings.

Finally it’s been recognised that you’re not a fan and you’re not expected to stay.  But did this make you feel better?  Of course not.  Instead you feel guilty.  Guilty that what you wanted – to be excused from these things – actually makes you feel selfish.  It’s her day.  Why can’t you just accept that instead of feeling hard done by that you have to be dragged to these things?

Don’t make the excuse that you have nothing to wear.  You do have things, just not new things.  The black trousers and that nice stripy top will do just fine.  Too bad you left your posh shoes at the office though.  Never mind, nobody will be looking at your feet, they’ll all be wondering when you decided bright red hair would be your thing.

Just make the most of the buffet and then get the hell outta dodge.

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