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Thirty Six

So, my birthday’s been and gone.  I had a fabulous day on Saturday, although starting it with a raging hangover was probably not the best way forward.  Champagne does that to me – and I drank quite a lot of it on Friday night.  SH made us both bacon sarnies and strong coffee and I unpacked my lovely camera lens – which, incidentally, was not wrapped, or tied with a bow, although it was in a gift bag so I’ll give him 5/10 for effort.  ST gave* me tickets to see The Feeling at Manchester Apollo – it’s not till 17th November, but I’m already beyond excited!

I tried out my new lens in the garden and then we went out for lunch (just to Burger King, nothing exciting but still a treat for someone who’s normally on a diet).  I was still feeling really worse for wear but by the time we got home I also had the shivers and a sore throat.  I cancelled our Mexican meal out (and L babysitting) in favour of sitting at home under a blanket watching Casualty.

Sunday morning I felt a bit better so we decided to go out for a Mexican with ST in tow after all.  We went for a late lunch at Chiquito’s, where ST and I shared tortilla chips and salsa, then he had a kid’s pizza and I had a burrito.  SH doesn’t actually like mexican food so he had potato skins and a chicken burger (*coughwusscough*).  I had a frozen margarita and then a strawberry margarita which were delicious and were really the only reason I went there (especially since they’ve stopped doing my favourite dish, the chimichanga)!

So, all in all it was a quiet weekend in the end but I was spoilt by my boys and my parents and friends and family.  L bought me some lovely smelly candles and votives, Z bought me some silly socks, SIL bought me a specialist coffee set (HUGE mug, beans, syrups etc).  mumof4 sent me a fantastic book, an even more fantastic CD and some extremely scrumptious butterscotch morsels (which I used today and have no muffins left, which proves how good they are).  Anji sent me a much appreciated Boots gift card.  Everyone else contributed to my camera lens and Wii Fit.  Well and truly spoilt.  Thank you all.

*Obviously he didn’t really buy them himself – I know I say he’s really clever, but he’s not that clever…


L and her husband D came round this evening for an Indian and I’ve had such a fun evening.  We even got on the Wii Fit.  Well, L and I did.  SH and D refused.  There’s nothing funnier when you’re a little bit pissed than watching your best friend do virtual hula hooping after she’s had a couple of drinks.  I only wish I’d had enough brain cells working to take a picture.

I’m just finishing the magnum of champagne.  I’m surprised I can still type.  Three minutes till my birthday but he says I can’t have my presents till the morning… boo hiss.

I will update you all when I’m another year older.  Thanks for the good wishes!

She Came, She Saw…

SH finally changed his mind last night (me, twist his arm?  Held him in a headlock and gave him Chinese burns?  Never…) and let me use the Wii Fit.

I am in love.  It’s so much fun!  I did it for THREE HOURS last night, finally packing it in at 1am.  I did it again this morning and it told me off for being weighed at different times of the day.  It tells me off a lot.  I love being dominated by it.  Last night I attempted a push up, failed miserably and then tried to cheat.  At the end of the exercise my personal trainer (who I’ve named Derek) told me off for “taking a break during the exercise!”.  I don’t like him, he’s horrible to me.  I might change him to Hermione, SH’s trainer (yes, I named her too).  My Mii looks like a cross between the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a plate of not-quite-set jelly.  The neighbours are going to think I’ve finally lost my marbles as I shout at my TV on a regular basis, like when it told me I was horribly unbalanced (I told it that it would learn exactly how horribly unbalanced I am if it continued to tell me that).

Tonight, by doing lots of other exercises, I unlocked “Free Step” which allows you to step in time to beeps while watching normal TV so I tried it out.  Unfortunately SH decided to try out my camera at the same moment.  Feel free to snigger.  AT HIS APPALLING PHOTOGRAPHY, NOT AT ME.  Oh, the wonder of “picture-in-picture” televisions – I watched TV and Wii Fit at the same time!  Multi-tasking, go me.

Shop till you Drop

It’s pay day today, and pyjama day (I don’t work on Wednesdays as there’s no playgroup).  I decided it was a day for shopping and ST and I headed to my second home, the Trafford Centre, for some retail therapy (within reason – it may be pay day but there’s not a lot left after the bills have had their share, let me tell you).

My main reason for going was to replace my little black purse because the metal zip pull had broken off and I have been unable to get any coins out for about two weeks.  So I headed to Next for a replacement.  They don’t do the same one anymore, so I chose a brown leather one that was almost the same (I like that particular style – a zipper pocket for coins and a nice sized wallet section for cards and notes).  Well, naturally, as I now had a brown purse, I needed a brown handbag to go with it!  So I bought this.  It has a zipper section in the middle with two smaller popper sections, one either side.  It’s about half the size of my old black one but that was cavernous inside and I could never find anything.  I love, love, love this one.

And as they’re from Next, the purse was only £7.50 and the handbag was £18.  Bargain, really!

We wandered up and down the shopping centre browsing various things and then I called into Zavvi (what used to be Virgin Megastore – stupid name if you ask me, but nobody did) to ask about a Wii game that I’d promised to buy L as a thank you for the use of her babysitting services twice this week.  I knew it wasn’t available yet so I asked at the counter when it would be.  Our conversation, verbatim:

Me: Hi!  Can you tell me when Wii Big Beach Sports will be available please?
Zavvi Zombie:  Uh… dunno.
Me: Well, can you look it up?
ZZ: Uh… dunno.
Me: Is there someone else around to help?
ZZ: Uh… no, just me.
Me: So there’s no point in asking you what your waiting list for the Wii Fit is like then?
ZZ: Uh… no.
Me: Thanks for your help.

OK then.  We headed off towards Selfridges as I’d decided to treat myself to sushi for lunch and there’s a Yo! Sushi in Selfridges Food Court (via Jessops to get me a UV filter for my new lens) and on the way we passed Game.  Game are notoriously expensive; I wouldn’t normally go in there at all, but as I just wanted to ask a couple of questions I thought it wouldn’t hurt.  A sales assistant came straight up to me asking if I needed any help.  I asked about the game and he confirmed it would come out on Friday.  Then I asked about the waiting time for Wii Fit and got the surprise of my life.  He looked left and right then leaned forward, whispering conspirationally.  “We have three in stock.  They just came in ten minutes ago.  Do you want one?”

Oh. My. God.  These things are like gold dust, going on eBay for twice their retail value.  In the millisecond it took me to think of my answer, the other sales assistant had already sold one of the three.  If I hadn’t already made my decision, that would have made it for me.

“Yes!  Oh God, yes!” I panted.  Seriously, I panted.

So, I’m now the proud owner of a Wii Fit.  I don’t think L is talking to me, because hers has been on order for weeks and still hasn’t arrived.  I plucked up the courage to call SH and tell him that I’d bought one – opening the conversation with “Don’tkillmebutI’vejustboughtaWiiFit…” but all he did was sigh.  “Do you know what I’ve been doing for the past seven weeks?  I’ve been scouring every shop in the North West and every website in the UK trying to get you one for your birthday.  And you’ve just walked into a shop in the Trafford Centre and picked one up just like that.  You jammy git.”

So!  Not only have I just bought the item that everyone wants but nobody can get, just like that, but SH is going to pay me for it because it’s actually a birthday present!  Result!  Only, because it’s a birthday present, my afternoon of hula hooping fun has just been scuppered as now I’m not allowed to open it till Saturday.  Grrr…

Oh, and a certain someone else didn’t come away empty handed either…

He’s been coveting one of these cars for ages.  There are three at playgroup and if he doesn’t get to one before the other kids do, you seriously don’t want to be in his line of fire.  Scary stuff.  The Incredible Hulk has nothing on him.  So when I saw one for £10 off the normal price, how could I resist?  Although, I’ve just realised I’m creating a right pickle for myself as next time L comes round with her two boys, I can envisage fighting.  Serious fisticuffs.  Perhaps I should have bought three…

All in all, it’s been a bargain kind of day – cheap bag and purse, sale price ride-along car and a free Wii Fit.

And the sushi wasn’t bad either.

Although my favourite bit was ST asking for some of my edamame and asking if he could “squeeze one out”.  Well, it made me laugh.


Saw this on TLG’s blog a while back and thought I’d give it a go.

Greed: High
Gluttony: Medium
Wrath: Medium
Sloth: Very High
Envy: High
Lust: Medium
Pride: Medium

Discover Your Sins – Click Here

Well, that surprised me.  I thought gluttony would be top of the list!  And I don’t agree with the greed and envy ones – the only question I answered that would apply to either of those was about a co-worker receiving a bigger bonus than me.  I can’t disagree with sloth though.  Oh dear…


I was in the post office queue when my phone rang, embarrassing me by declaring to all and sundry that I like the way they move.

It was the Dragon.

“I’m at your house!”

I racked my brain, trying to think if I’d conveniently forgotten some arrangement then realised that they were meant to be going to Malta today.  Away for my birthday.  It pissed me off when I first found out – because it means she isn’t available to babysit on Saturday.


“You’re not here!”

Ten out of ten for observation, dear mother-in-law. “No, I’m at the post office sorting something out for SH.”

“But I’m here!  With your birthday card!  I wanted to see you before we went!  And you’re not here!”

Does she think if she says it enough times, I’ll magically appear?

“Ah I’m sorry… ” at least try to sound as if you mean it, SM…

“Hmph.  Well, I’ll just have to leave it here then.  Oh, by the way, you’re picking us up from the airport on the 6th.  Goodbye.”  [Click]

She has the hump because I dared to be out when she came calling unannounced?  My telepathic powers have obviously failed me.  Or perhaps they haven’t…

Windmills of my Mind

One of those random thoughts posts.

ST is being bullied at playgroup by a two-year-old called Tom.  I got called in to see Playgroup Leader to discuss it before she let everyone else in.  Apparently this Tom is new and is the most uninhibited two-year-old you could ever meet, who doesn’t do as he’s told and has been pinching and scratching ST’s arm.  ST is intimidated by him, understandably.  PGL said he kept coming indoors whenever Tom went outside, and cuddled up to one of the staff saying there was something bad outside.  Apparently the situation is being monitored, but ST seemed quite happy when he came home even when I asked him about Tom – he just said he didn’t like him.  This Tom only goes twice a week, but ST goes all four days so they will see each other all the time.  At least they told me about it, I suppose.  I shall be questioning them regularly.

Today ST told me that he was a good boy at playgroup today because he put three toys in the dustbin.  I asked how this would make him a good boy.  “Because yesterday I put FOUR things in the bin!”.  Three-year-old logic… you can’t fault it.

My camera lens surprise birthday present arrived this morning, as promised.  Only it wasn’t the right lens.  I phoned SH to tell him it arrived and asked if he wanted me to open it to check it wasn’t damaged (the Citylink driver managed to swing the bag into my porch door as I opened it, helpfully).  Of course, really I just wanted to actually see it.  My new, posh macro lens!  Anyway, SH agreed so I opened it up.  The wrong model number on the box.  I got the lens right out to check; definitely the wrong one – doesn’t even look like the one we ordered.  Several phone conversations later and I’ve dispatched the incorrect one back to the shop and they’ve promised to send the correct one tomorrow.  Nothing’s ever easy… I did, however, also receive in the post my new flash diffuser that I bought on eBay and am happily practicing with it.  Yay for new camera accessories.

I also packaged up two parcels I’ve been promising to send forever.  One, I can’t find the address for (again) and am waiting on an email.  The other, to a certain person in Canada who makes cards/scrapbooks, I’m pleased to say is on its way.  Emma, keep an eye out.  Even the Post Office trip was a rigmarole today – two local post offices were shut for lunch, so I ended up going to the main sorting office in the town.  I parked in a local free car park and when I returned to the car I found both entrance and exit were blocked.  The exit was blocked by a delivery lorry with no driver in sight and the man blocking the entrance was just pulling up as I and a couple of others were driving towards him.  He refused to get back in his car, saying he was just nipping to the Post Office and wouldn’t be a minute.  I knew otherwise, having just stood in that queue myself, but he just walked off leaving us all stranded in the car park!  He was only five minutes or so, but I was just on the verge of getting out and doing some damage to his car when he returned.  Arsehole.

SH has got it into his head again that we should move house.  We talked about buying a bigger house last year but we’ve stayed put because of the housing market, but he has seen a house about a mile away that is £50k below the market value and has loads of potential for extending.  This isn’t the one next to the Dragon; we ruled that one out because of the neighbours ;) – the Dragon works from home when she’s not in the parish or the hospital (she’s vicar and a part-time chaplain) and of course so do I, and even SH thought she’d be round every two seconds and would be far too close for comfort.  No, this is another one, about half way between our current house and the Dragon’s.  There’s no chain and it’s vacant.  It needs a lot of work (hence the asking price) including new kitchen, bathroom and double glazing, so I’m guessing that it was an elderly person who has died (and because I noticed when we drove past it that there’s one of those white support handles attached to the wall by the front door).  It’s a nice idea – you could put a double height extension on the side and there’s a HUGE garden so you could even build out the back too, or at least a conservatory – but this is not the market to be doing things like this.  Thankfully we have a fixed mortgage rate till 2010 but who knows what will happen then – if things stay the way they are now (and it’s only 18 months away) then chances are our mortgage will rocket to over £1000 a month at our current borrowing (we currently pay £770), let alone if we add to it to finance a huge extension and renovation project.  Plus, we want to have another baby in the next couple of years and that will mean SH’s salary will have to cover all our outgoings for at least six weeks and that’s if I go straight back to work (easy enough when you work from home, but not necessarily what I’d want to do).  Pipe dreams… but SH has his heart set on it right now.  He’s even talking of taking a consultancy job which would double his salary but wouldn’t really be the type of job he wants to do, in order to finance it.

On Thursday afternoon I have a hospital appointment with a gynaecologist to see if the GP is right and I have a prolapse.  I’m not looking forward to that at all.  SH is coming with me and L is going to mind ST while we’re there.  I just want to get it over with and see if my fears have any foundation.  At least I’ll know one way or the other, I guess.

Yesterday I made a follow-up appointment with the nice GP with regard to my anti-depressants – the earliest appointment I could get was 7 July.  Only two weeks away but it seems an age.   I only have four days worth of tablets left (my fault; I thought I had another blister pack in the cupboard but was mistaken) so I’ve had to apply for a special dispensation repeat prescription.  This may or may not be ready before I run out.  They said I could get an emergency appointment if I rang first thing but then I can’t be sure I’ll get Dr Dishy and seeing as he’s the one I’ve seen all along I don’t want to see anyone else – to have to explain it all again would drive me crazy.  And I might get Dr Horrible or Dr Robot which would probably be detrimental to my health, lol.  I’ve still not heard about my CBT appointment, other than a letter from the local mental health trust saying there is currently a 14 month waiting list.  Last time I saw Dr Dishy he said there’d been a big shake-up within the trust since they sent that and that I would hear very soon but nothing yet.  Just as well I’m not thinking of killing myself anymore, isn’t it!?  Sorry, shouldn’t joke about these things.

If I have to watch one more episode of “Shaggy and Scooby Doo GET A CLUE!” I’m going to run away.  Seriously.

Musical Monday

Another great song from the 80s. Love is a battlefield, oh yes it is.  I love Pat Benatar.  I love how she appears to be modelling her outfit on Boadicea at the end and I am partial to videos featuring group synchronised dancing, like “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” in Dirty Dancing or “Thriller”.